Using your smartphones and other digital devices in a car is now easier. All you need to do is buy and install this wholesale car mount. These products are simply the best. You cannot stop using them in this digital world. Here’s why they are so awesome:

Versatile Placements

You do not have to place the wholesale car mount on your dashboard if you have another idea. You can attach the device to the back of the headrest, vents in the car, or the windscreen via a suction holder.

This is why the car mount is so convenient to use.

Durable Design

All the moving parts of this car mount are durable. You will hardly experience any part breaking or falling apart if you use the car mount correctly.

Adjustable Attachments

You can use these car mounts with smartphones and tablets. All you need to do is adjust the holders to fit the width of your smartphone or tablet.

One Car Mount for Different Devices

There is no need to buy multiple car mounts because you can use these for different purposes and devices. You need to adjust the holders to ensure the smartphone is securely held.

Firm Grip

You should not worry about the chances of smashing your phone if it falls away from this car mount because it holds firmly. All you need to do is ensure the smartphone you want to mount is positioned correctly.

Swivel Features

With this car mount, you can turn the smartphone or tablet to capture different angles. It rotates 350 very convenient degrees. Also, the swivel feature allows you to charge your mobile devices while they are held in the car mount.

These wholesale car mounts are ready to ship out. Please send us a message about your specification by filling out the customer contact form online. We process and ship out all bulk orders quickly.

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