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  • car vent phone holder

    Car Vent Phone Holder, Smart Sensor, Wireless Charger

  • wireless car charger

    Wireless Car Charger, Multi Scene Use, Fast Charge


The design of this wholesale wireless car charger makes it a unique model that is convenient to use. We know it has become a best seller worldwide because of its combo features that give you more value for money. The car charger is also compatible with all car bards. Before using it, all you need to have is a working PowerPoint in your car.

Fast Charge Feature

When you use this car charger, the first thing to notice is the speed at which the battery charges from zero to a hundred percent. The fast charging feature makes this product a convenient choice for everyone who needs to keep their smartphone battery boosted.

Multiple Functions

While charging your smartphone, you can also use the device as a car phone holder, an added feature from the wireless car charger factory. It allows you to make video calls while you are in the car. Also, you can shoot videos or capture time-lapse shots during long road trips.

Reliable Sensors

The wholesale wireless car charger has a unique smart sensor that detects your phone when you place it on the panel. This means the device automatically activates and starts charging your smartphone without stress. This makes it convenient for use when you are driving with one hand.

Attachment for Vents

You can also attach the wireless car charger to the vent in your car. You should do this without stress because it is easy to attach and secure the clasps in the vent.

Firm Hold Preventing Shakes

You can make steady videos with this device. It holds firmly, and you can adjust the clasps when necessary. The firm hold allows you to make good videos without experiencing any wobbling that could ruin your video.

Buy Wholesale Wireless Car Chargers

You can buy this OEM wireless car charger in bulk. All you need to do is complete the customer contact form to place your order on our site.

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