Cool Wireless Charging Magnetic Car Phone Holder

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The Magnetic Car Phone Holder from Spiritcar is a must-have accessory for your car that not only keeps your phone securely in place but also charges it wirelessly on-the-go. With an input of 9V/1.67A, 12V/1.5A, and PD20W and up, it can deliver a fast and efficient charging experience for your mobile devices.

This magnetic car phone holder has an output of 15W+10W+7.5W+5W automatic matching, making it compatible with a wide range of smartphones. It works within a frequency range of 110KHz-205KHz, ensuring stable and safe charging.

The holder supports iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8’s 7.5W wireless quick charger and Samsung S6 edge+/Note5/S7/S8/S8+/S9+/Note8/Note9’s 10W wireless quick charger, as well as other 5W wireless charging phones. It automatically adjusts the charging power according to the needs of your device, ensuring a safe and efficient charging experience.

The Wireless Charging Magnetic Car Phone Holder is easy to install and use, with a strong magnetic grip that securely holds your phone in place, even on bumpy roads. The adjustable viewing angle ensures optimal viewing while driving, making it easier to use your phone for navigation or hands-free calling.

In summary, the Cool Wireless Charging Magnetic Car Phone Holder from Spiritcar is a top-of-the-line accessory for your car that combines convenience, efficiency, and safety. With its fast wireless charging capabilities and magnetic grip, it is the perfect solution for keeping your phone charged and secure while on-the-go.


9V/1.67A, 12V/1.5A, PD20W and Up


15W+10W+7.5W+5W automatic matching

Working Frequency



iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8's 7.5W wireless quick charger
Samsung S6 edge+/Note5/S7/S8/S8+/S9+/Note8/Note9's 10W wireless quick charger
other 5W wireless charging phones

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