14 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Android Auto

14 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Android Auto

Android Auto makes many of Android’s best smartphone features available in cars. It allows you to call, send text messages, and navigate from location to location. In essence, you could emulate most of the features of your Android smartphone on your car’s touch screen. And to make things better, the New York Times’ tech blog

Aux Cord Adapter for Car without Aux

How to Choose the Best Aux Cord Adapter for a Car without Aux

An aux cord adapter is a portable cable with a 3.5mm jack on both ends. It is an excellent accessory for everyone since it can be used to connect your smartphone to your car stereo, home theatre, external speakers, and more. Here are some benefits of an aux cord adapter.

Automotive Wire Types

Understanding Automotive Wire Types

It is crucial to make the right selection when choosing electrical wire. Since there are many types, understanding the best one for your application can be confusing. It’s worth mentioning the danger that could arise from using the wrong wire. 

CCA Power Wire

CCA Power Wire Versus OFC

Buying wires can be challenging if you don’t have any prior knowledge. When choosing speaker wire for your car, the biggest challenge is ensuring you get the best.  So, if you are looking to purchase a new amplifier and need an amp wiring kit, this post will tell you all you need to know about CCA power wires.

RCA Cables to Car Speakers

How to Connect RCA Cables to Car Speakers

RCA is derived from the Radio Corporation of America and is commonly used to carry audio and video signals. It consists of a plug and socket for a coaxial cable. Typically, you can find the RCA connector on old audio and video devices and new ones that support analog signals.

car radio removal

The Best Car Stereo Removal Guide

Most car stereos are user-friendly and dependable. If you find yourself in a situation where a car radio removal is necessary, keep reading. We have the best car stereo removal guide to help you safely do this.

Car Stereo Removal

Four Crazy Stereo Removal Attempts You Shouldn’t Try at Home

Did you know that, of all items stolen from cars, stereos lead the competition? Around 31 percent of car burglaries target car stereos. Even though there has been a decrease in car stereo theft incidents over the years, it is worrying that this crime is still very much alive, even for cars with sophisticated security systems like

what is the best rca cable for car audio

What is the Best RCA Cable for Car Audio?

The RCA connector is used to carry audio and video signals. RCA, which means Radio Corporation of America, introduced this design in 1930. These cables are inexpensive components found in a car audio system. It has three colored plugs that extend from one end of the cable and connect to three outputs in a TV

what is a usb car charger

What is a USB Car Charger

A USB car charger is a small accessory that has gained popularity due to its convenience and functionality. This small adaptor can be plugged into the cigarette lighter port found in all cars. The USB car charger can charge various devices, including smartphones, tablets, power banks, and certain camera models. Today, millennials have become dependent

how to tune a car audio system

How to Tune a Car Audio System

Knowing how to tune a car audio system to get the best out of your car stereo is essential. It’s one thing to have a combination of speakers, receivers, players, and amps. Still, you need to organize it to reproduce pleasant sounds. This will take some time and effort. Due to poor setup, many car

how to make car mount stick to dashboard

How to Make a Car Mount Stick to a Dashboard

A good car mount is an essential vehicle accessory. It comes in handy, especially if your car does not include a built-in navigation system. Car mounts provide many benefits to users, and this is why it is imperative to learn how to make a car mount stick to a dashboard. Benefits of a car mount

What Are Functions of the Car Antenna?

Many cars have a “small tail” at the end of the top. It is known as the antenna of car, but what is the purpose of the car antenna? Why do some cars have and some don’t? There are several kinds of car antennas. 1.The retractable antennas Those older cars use retractable antennas, like the

What’s the Function of Car Cables and Connectors?

Although the construction and design of each car are different, for the car connectors, cables and wires, all the functions and main accessories are basically the same. The main components of the automobile connectors have contact connector, which mainly refers to the core part connected to the power supply, and mainly includes negative and positive

Is It Necessary to Add a Power Amplifier to Car Stereo?

Many car enthusiasts, especially novice enthusiasts, have some puzzles such like: Is it necessary to add power amplifier to car stereo? Or do I need an amplifier for a car with only a subwoofer? We have picked one who posted some typical questions, and hope our answers may help you with the same doubts. Question:

How to DIY a Car Audio Subwoofer Box?

Car audio refit has been booming in some countries and regions like Japan, the United States, and Europe. Modification of car audio is a personalized behavior, in order to pursue more extreme music enjoyment, many enthusiasts will buy empty car audio subwoofer box, speakers, amplifier, wire, light tube, and others, to DIY their own car

What Is the Wiring Harness in a Car?

It is estimated that a car is composed of more than 10,000 independent parts that cannot be disassembled. Automobile wire harness is the main part of the network of automobile circuit. Wire harness refers to the contact terminal (connector) formed by copper punching and after it is pressed and connected with wires and cables, the

Why to Choose a Universal USB Car Charger?

If you drive a lot and use your phone, tablet or other electronic devices, keeping a universal usb car charger is the smartest move. How to choose a suitable universal usb car charger? 1. Depending on your electronic device usage, if you only use your mobile phone frequently, you only need a simple car USB

How to Create Roadside Emergency Kit for Your Own?

You’re driving happily on the road when the steering wheel suddenly shakes and the car is out of control. If this happens during the day, you might be a little calmer. This time, if you happen to have a highway of mobile phone emergency calls, and your phone there is signal or electricity, you can

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