RCA Cables to Car Speakers

How to Connect RCA Cables to Car Speakers

RCA is derived from the Radio Corporation of America and is commonly used to carry audio and video signals. It consists of a plug and socket for a coaxial cable. Typically, you can find the RCA connector on old audio and video devices and new ones that support analog signals.

The RCA cables can shield the signal cables, thereby keeping the noise out of your audio system. This shielding helps prevent noise in the form of electromagnetic interference from getting into the audio signal. Going for a poor quality cable may cause sound degradation even with a good amplifier.

How to connect RCA cables to car speakers

RCA car speakers are a top priority for many music lovers. It allows you to enjoy your favorite music whether you a driving solo, with family, going on a long trip, or a short one.

The process of connecting your car speakers using RCA cables is straightforward. With an amplifier and cables, you can have a seamless connection. 

So, the first thing you need to do is check if your car has an amplifier. You will also need the following tools;

  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Rubber gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Flashlight
  • Tape

Avoid leaving your car ignition on while installing RCA cables. Although the car is a mechanical device, it has electrical components too. 

You will be connecting speaker wires that can cause electrical shock. So, turning off the ignition keeps you safe and saves repair costs.

Connect the car amplifier

The direct signal from the stereo to the speakers may be too weak. So, the amplifier is required for a stronger signal. If you have a car amplifier, the instructions for connection are simple.

You can install your car amplifier anywhere you wish. However, we recommend putting it in the trunk or the passenger’s side.

Next, you should connect a power cable to the positive battery terminal and your amplifier. Most amps already have a fuse, but an additional fuse can protect the circuit from shorting.

The ground wire should be attached to the car’s chassis. The grounding wire should have the same gauge as your power wire.

Connect the remote and RCA cables from your car stereo to the amplifier. You can use a converter if your stereo doesn’t use RCA cables.

Now, it is time to connect the speaker wires to the amplifier. You should check the specs to confirm you are using the correct gauge wires for your speakers. 

You may need to extend your wires if the cables are not long enough to reach your amp. You can extend the wires by splicing them.

Once you have the speakers in the amp, it is time to connect them to the car speakers. The speakers can be connected in three ways, namely;

  • Series
  • Parallel
  • A combination of both

However, this depends on their characteristics and your amplifier. Once you have done all this, you should have everything set and ready to connect the wires to the car speakers.

Firstly, you need to determine which one is positive or negative. Relying on the wire’s color for this information is not advised. Once you have determined your positive and negative wire, take the negative wire and feed it into the negative splice connector.

Follow the same process for the positive connector and secure the connection with pliers.

Finally, plug the connector in the corresponding ports on the car speakers.

Check the wiring and test the RCA car speakers

You can double-check your connections to ensure everything was done correctly before you test the speakers. Take this precautionary step a bit further by ensuring that everything is well secure so it won’t loosen when the car is in motion.

Please also pay attention to the battery and wiring around it to avoid a fire outbreak.

It’s time to turn on the stereo and play some music. You can fine-tune your amplifier until the sound coming out is free of any distortion.

Troubleshooting for your car RCA speakers

If you have followed this guide to the latter and your speakers and amplifier are not working as they should, here are some common issues.

  1. Noise or distortion while listening to music may result from wrong wiring. The first thing you should do in this case is to check the wiring.
  2. If one of your speakers isn’t working, it could be that the wiring to that speaker is not strong enough. Check the wiring and ensure all connections are tight.
  3. If your amplifier doesn’t power on, you should check the ground, remote, or battery wire individually and possibly rewire if necessary until your amp comes on.
  4. You may be getting music in bits. This could be a sign that the amp is not strong enough to drive the speakers and subwoofer. Ensure the total RMS power of your amplifier is 1.5x the power of your speakers.

Do RCA cables make a difference?

RCA cables sure make a difference for trained ears and the right setup. However, good cables carrying audio like RCA are not so hard to tell apart from substandard wires. Here are some of the top benefits of using the RCA cable.


RCA car speakers reject noise and supply a clearer audio quality. The more shielding your RCA car speaker have, the more it will reject noise. This prevents cables from picking up interference like external noises.


The tips of the cables that connect with your audio equipment’s output significantly impact the audio production. RCA cables usually of superior quality are more conducive than others.


RCA cables come with adequate copper strands improving the strength of the signal. Cables with fewer strands supply weaker connections. RCA car speakers can be achieved through an amplifier. 

It’s a simple process that requires no technical skills. With your car amp kit and this guide, you can get your RCA car speakers working and enjoy high-quality music on the go. You can purchase new RCA speakers from our website. Contact us now to place your order.

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