What Is the Wiring Harness in a Car?

It is estimated that a car is composed of more than 10,000 independent parts that cannot be disassembled. Automobile wire harness is the main part of the network of automobile circuit. Wire harness refers to the contact terminal (connector) formed by copper punching and after it is pressed and connected with wires and cables, the external plastic insulator or external metal shell is pressed and bound with wire harness to form the components connecting the circuit.

1. What does the car wiring harness do?

Automobile wire harness is the main body connecting the internal circuit of automobile. If comparing automobile to human, then the wire harness is the nerve and blood vessel, which is the basic part of automobile. At present, whether senior luxury car or economical ordinary cars, wiring harness plait is basically the same, in the form of are composed of wire, al plug-in and parcel tape, it is to ensure that the transfer current signal, also want to ensure the reliability of the connection circuit, to supply electrical components as prescribed by the current value, preventing electromagnetic interference of peripheral circuit, and to exclude the electrical short circuit.

2. What about the manufacturing requirements of auto car wire harness?

Automobile wiring harness because of its application, the requirements of wiring harness materials are very strict, its electrical performance, material sporadic, temperature resistance, etc. are higher than the general wiring harness requirements, especially involving the safety aspects: such as direction control system, brake these important components of the wiring harness, requirements are more strict.

3. Use and replacement of car radio harness

In a tangle of car wiring harnesses, car radio wiring harness is a part of it, which function is for car radio working.
Without the car radio wiring harness adapter, it is impossible for the car radio to work properly. It has the same function as other wiring harnesses, connecting the power supply, the motherboard and the speaker to make it work properly (sound).
The car radio wiring harness connects with the radio, making the internal environment of the car more colorful and bringing better driving experience to the owners.

car radio wiring harness adapter

4. In radio DIY, is it ok to change car radio wiring harness?

Many car owners will have car audio refit to achieve a better sound enjoyment. When replacing the original one to a better custom made audio parts, will the wire overload? There is no need to modify car radio wiring harness, because the original wiring harness in the car all have the large load capability.

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