What’s the Function of Car Cables and Connectors?

Although the construction and design of each car are different, for the car connectors, cables and wires, all the functions and main accessories are basically the same. The main components of the automobile connectors have contact connector, which mainly refers to the core part connected to the power supply, and mainly includes negative and positive contactors, so as to generate power supply.

antenna adapter for car

There are also different types of car connectors with shell, mainly to protect the motherboard and fixed to the car, there are also important insulators, necessary measures and accessories to ensure the safety of passengers and car owners. In addition, accessories of different configurations, mainly including small accessories of installation and structure, play the role of fixing and combining.

The car connectors function is big, to ensure that the car in the process of driving, normal operation, so the design of the car connector, with what kind of standards and design consciousness, to ensure the normal and safety of the car connector?

First of all, the design standards and factors, to ensure the safety of the car, the first consideration is the production and design of the material stability and safety, material selection and use, are very careful and stable, so that you can ensure the performance of the car connector stability.

Secondly, the voltage and electric power which is stable and attuned to the vibration of the car can make the bridge function of the car connector stable and safe and reliable.

Thirdly, the temperature induced by the connecting line must be considered in multiple directions, not only considering the thermal shock of the huge energy emitted by the car itself, but also fully considering whether the change of temperature difference caused by the external environment will affect the performance of the car connector and the safety of the body.

Finally, ensure the car connector holding force, so for the support of the car horsepower, is an important insurance factor, must have a certain degree of support force, to ensure the safety of the car connector design and operation safety.

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