How to DIY a Car Audio Subwoofer Box?

Car audio refit has been booming in some countries and regions like Japan, the United States, and Europe. Modification of car audio is a personalized behavior, in order to pursue more extreme music enjoyment, many enthusiasts will buy empty car audio subwoofer box, speakers, amplifier, wire, light tube, and others, to DIY their own car audio system. Here we would like to talk about how to DIY a car subwoofer box.

The following some basic tips according to our experience in making empty subwoofer enclosures:

1. Which size for car audio enclosure, 10”, 12”, 15” ?

According to your car space, and car amplifier, choose the right size of the car subwoofer enclosure. Usually 10” is the most used size for many cars.

2. Is ported / vented subwoofer enclosure or sealed subwoofer box?

It’s depending on which kind of type you prefer, someone like ported, someone like sealed subwoofer enclosure. Usually, you can buy the ported / vented one in market, and some markets also have the folded DIY enclosure board, that can make a sealed subwoofer box.

3. Which MDF is better?

Usually MDF 15 or MDF 18 is better, because it’s strong enough for the vibration of a high-powered woofer.

4. What’s the material used for the car audio subwoofer box?

The outside covered material usually is carpet, popular color is black and grey. About sound-absorbing cotton, someone like to use it, to give the whole subwoofer enclosure more nice and better efficiency.

5. Do you need a single box or dual box?

It’s depending on if your car has enough space, and your car amplifier is strong enough. Dual 12 subwoofer enclosure of course will be more strong.

dual single truck 12 subwoofer enclosure


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