CCA Power Wire, 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation kit

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DETAILS Contains:

1. 5mtr 8 gauge red CCA power cable fitted with Ni plated AGU fuse holder and 40 amp AGU fuse and 8 gauge ring terminals
2. 2 x 8GA fork termials

These are the best bulk automotive wire models in the market. They are tough, versatile, and can last for many years. CCA power wires have become quite popular for many reasons. Technicians now prefer this product as the perfect alternative to the copper wire brands. The CCA power wire option is ideal for particular projects involving connections you expect to yield an impressive output.

Excellent Conductivity

You can rely on the CCA power wire to perform excellently regarding conductivity. The product has received excellent reviews from notable technicians who think they have one of the best conductivity ratings at its level. The bulk automotive wire is much better than other options with aluminum, which has a lower conductivity rating.

Industrial Grade CCA Power Wire

The bulk orders for CCA power wires accommodate different specifications, and we produce all products according to world-class manufacturing standards. You can use the 8 gauge ofc wire for all your connection during various projects. The outcome will be much better than any other option. The industrial-grade product also indicates it can last for a long time.

Built to Withstand Different Voltages

These accessories work perfectly in different cars. The ofc car audio wire and CCA can withstand voltage changes in the car’s power supply system. That means there will be no interruption in the audio output. Also, the resistance to voltage fluctuations is another assurance that no wires can be bridged or compromised.

Suitable for Different Speakers

Technicians like the fact that they can connect different speakers with these wires—no issues about compatibility.

Also, the product quality is consistent even though the order is a bulk purchase. These wires work flawlessly.

Please send us a filled-out customer contact form for more information and to place bulk orders. Our customer service team will reply with all the necessary details.


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