4 Gauge Cable Car Audio Kit Amp Amplifier Install Sub Wiring RCA Subwoofer 2200W

2200 Watts

Item no: SXAK-012
Product Features:
– 4 Gauge Red CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) Power Wire: 17 Feet / 4 Gauge Black CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) Ground Wire: 3 Feet
– Black/White Triple Shielded Twisted Pair RCA Interconnect: 17 Feet
– 16 Gauge Brown/Silver Speaker Wire: 17 Feet / 18 Gauge Blue Remote Wire: 18 Feet
– Inline AGU Fuse Holder w/ 80 Amp AGU Fuse / Protective Black Wire Loom
– Installation Accessories/ Connectors / Terminals, Wire Ties and Wire Loom Included

This is a must-have product if you need to do the best car audio installation jobs. The 4 gauge ofc power wire range is easy to use and delivers the best output consistently. The company’s production team follows world-class protocols to ensure the 4mm auto cable and other products meet the customer’s expectations.

The top features are:

Copper Clad Aluminum

The secret behind the excellent performance of this 4 gauge ofc wire product is all about the high-quality aluminum that has been encased in pure copper. You can spot the cladded aluminum when you cut through the cable and look at the cut. It is a design that boosts the effectiveness of these cables.

Triple Shielded Audio Cable

The 4mm auto cable has a triple shielded feature that prolongs its lifespan. You can confidently invest in these products because they will be worth your time. Everyone who understands quality will not hesitate to buy these products, so they have been best sellers in our product line long-time.

Compatible with High Rated Fuse

You can use this 4 gauge ofc power wire with fuses with a rating as high as 80-Amps. This is convenient for electricians who need to install car audio systems that require much power.

Wire Loom Available

Using the rigid wire loom, you can do a neat installation job in cars. This helps you keep the 4mm auto cable intact and where it should be, even when the vehicle passes through rough paths.

Compatible with Different Accessories

These materials are easy to use with accessories you can find in nearby local shops or online. You do not need to spend more money looking for unique accessories when doing car audio installations with this 4 gauge ofc power wire.

Bulk Sales Ongoing

Place your bulk order to secure a batch of these outstanding products. Submit the customer contact form with your details to start processing your bulk order.

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