PVC and Braided Auto Power Cable 8GA Amplifier Wiring Kit

Item no: SXAK-006
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Car Audio Subwoofer, Amplifier Wiring Kit, Wiring Fuse Holder, Cable Support Installation Kit, Low Noise Distortion
Color: red &blue &black
Power cable: 8GA wire
Power cable length: 5m
Earth wire: 0.6m
RCA interconnect cable: 5m
Control cable: 5m
Fuse maximum current: 60A
Fuse holder

These ofc power wire strips are perfect for connecting car audio systems such as the subwoofer, amplifiers, fuses, and other electrical projects related to vehicle installations.

You cannot go wrong with them. We are committed to consistently meeting your needs whether you are interested in bulk purchases for small or massive car audio installation projects.

Here’s why we think these ofc power wire strips are the best:

Easy to Use

According to hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers, these are among the most accessible PVC auto cable brands in the market. They hold firm and can be used with fuses without any problems.

Excellent Output

The quality automotive control cables are specially designed to eliminate noise giving you crisp, clear audio sounds. The output is impressive whether you are using an expensive or low-budget car audio system. All you need to do is ensure the electrician makes the connections perfectly.

Different Color Codes

Another reason why many experts recommend these ofc wire products is because they come in different colors. The varying colors make identifying the wires easy and completing your connections without issues. The easy identification helps electricians complete projects quickly and perfectly.

Braided Design

The auto cable PVC and braided features boost the product’s performance when used for different car audio connections. The braided automotive control cables make it easy to align them in the car’s wiring system. The colors help with proper connection to fuses or the holders.

Overall, we like these products because of their functional features that help increase the value they add. Also, they are suitable for 60A fuses and have a length of up to 5 meters.

Order now

The lead time for bulk sales is about three weeks, and the logistics arrangement is perfect. That means you will receive your orders in good time.

Although OFC is the best material, we also have CCA for customers on a tight budget. We manufacture these wires in different categories to suit the customers’ requirements, such as 100% OFC, 30% OFC, 70% CCA, 50% each, or 100% CCA.

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