Auto Cables and Accessories 1000 Watt Stereo Amp Amplifier Installation Wiring Kit with RCA Cable

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Includes 17-foot clear blue power cable.
Includes 3-foot clear silver ground cable.
Includes 17-foot blue turn-on wire.
Includes 16-foot speaker wire.
Includes 17-foot RCA cable.
Includes 1 AGU fuse holder with 20-AMP fuse.
Includes 1 grommet.
Includes 2 8GA gold plated ring terminals.
Includes 2 8GA gold plated spade terminals.
Includes 10 6-inch wire ties.

You should always have a complete set of auto cables and accessories close by when installing audio systems in cars. Also, these materials must be high quality and easy to use. That is where we come in.

Our stock includes the best auto cables and accessories you can buy in bulk. They are suitable for all car audio systems, making them convenient for general installations.

Here are the top features:

Audio Cables and Accessories of Different Lengths

Installation projects for car audio systems differ. Sometimes you will need to use different lengths of cables. We sell all of that. You can place bulk orders for cables of sizes within the range – of 3 feet to 20 feet. Then you can adjust the wire as you work.

Versatile Functions

These audio cables and accessories are suitable for different projects, including fixing or installing car speakers, power cables, amplifiers, or sub-woofers.

Compatible with Fuses of Different Ratings

You do not need to bother buying additional audio cables when adding a fuse to the sound system in the car. These cables are compatible with fuses with a rating as high as 20-Amps.

Also, the design and quality materials make them most suitable for fuse holders.

Hig Quality Terminals

These accessories are essential when you need to ensure no disruption in your sound system. The terminals are made from gold-plated materials which do not fade or corrode. Also, you can get the spade or ring terminals with a guarantee that they will last for many years.

You can ensure that every connection in the car audio system is secure. The brightly colored cables and accessories are easy to use. The outer covering can be exposed with the right tools.

Order Bulk Sales

These audio cables and accessories are best sellers. To find more information about bulk orders, complete the customer contact form below and submit it. We will respond with all the information you need.

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