Car Audio Can Bus Cable Amplifier Installation Kit

Model: SXAK-002 Categories: ,

Item Features:

OFC Amp Wiring Kit 10/8/6 Gauge Perfect for Car Audio Amplifier Installation Kit

20 ft. 8 GA Red Power Cable, Competition High-Quality Fuse Holder

3 ft. 8 GA Black Ground Cable

20 ft. High Performance RCA Interconnect with remote turn-on wire

6 ft. Split Loom Tubing

Ring Terminal/Spade Terminal

You have come to the right place if you need a long-lasting automotive can bus cable. The market demand for this automotive can bus cable is high because the products are excellent. The speaker wires have properties that can significantly enhance your music listening experience in a car.

Here are the top features:

Affordable Automotive Can Bus Cable / AMP Wiring Kit

With every bulk order for these automotive can bus cable brands, you get an opportunity to save much money. You qualify for this benefit by sending us a completed customer contact form containing the information about your bulk order.

Impressive Electrical Conductivity

These speaker wires are made to maintain an impressive conductivity rating when used in the car audio connection system. The high conductivity level can be attributed to the quality of material in the speaker wire.

Excellent Transmission Capacity

The devices to be connected are often in different locations. That is not a problem because the transmission capacity for these automotive can bus cable products is excellent regardless of the distance between connection points. This makes it more convenient to use these speaker wires for all vehicle connections.

Quality Stranded Conductors

The stranded conductors in this cable can handle a remarkable AC impedance. This makes the cable an excellent choice for different heavy-duty vehicles and other smaller cars, they are the best for vehicle owners who only want the best experience with their car audio system.

Resist External Interference

The inner cables are further protected with a durable foil shield to improve performance. This also helps to improve the speaker wire’s capacity to resist external interference when using the car audio system.

Bulk Orders Available

The best approach to getting all the benefits of using this can bus automotive cable is buying them in bulk. Contact our excellent logistics team by completing the customer contact form on the site. The lead time is usually three weeks, and shipping is fast.


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