Sealed Carpeted Dual 12 Inch Subwoofer Box

Item No.: SXSE-013
12-Inch Dual Sealed Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure
Cutout Diameter – 11″
Max Mounting Depth – 13″
Net Volume – 2.02″
(Height) 13″ x (Width) 30″ x (Depth) 13.75″
Premium Charcoal Carpet
Sealed Truck Enclosure
MDF Construction

To find the best subwoofer box for your car audio system, it is best to start your search by viewing product detail pages. On these pages, you will find essential details about the speaker box, like the level of low-frequency reproduction, speaker size, featured recommendations, and the box’s diameter.

Knowing the dimensions of your subwoofer box is the best way to navigate the market, which features so many types of car subwoofer boxes. The models of these car subwoofer boxes on demand and reviews from affiliates indicate these sealed products are best sellers and have excellent construction.

You can rely on our products and the reference we provide because, after a series of adjustments to the design, it have continued to outsell other products on the market.

Features of Subwoofer Boxes

You can determine the top features of these items by viewing product detail pages. However, we have written the top featured recommendations in simpler form for your understanding.

These products are affordable, which is why we encourage you to invest in bulk purchases of the dual 12 inch subwoofer box models online. Here are the top features that make our products stand out:

Airtight Seal

To prevent interference and loss of sounds, we have used the best aliphatic wood glue to create outstanding dual 12 inch subwoofer boxes that cannot lose sound frequency, and guaranteed sound quality. The sealed design holds all the MDF parts in place while it accommodates your subwoofer speaker.

The airtight seal design is reliable and neatly done so that you can use the product for many years.

MDF Parts

MDF parts are the most recommended materials for the subwoofer box. The MDF wood is solid and has the correct thickness for these products. The wood parts hold fast after using aliphatic wood glue and are perfect for charcoal carpet finishing.

It would help if you avoided subwoofer box models not made with MDF because you may not get the most value for your money.

Our enclosed subwoofer enclosures fit perfectly into the speaker, creating a noise free environment.

Neat Cut-outs

The cut-outs refer to the space where your subwoofer speaker will fit in the car audio box. This essential feature allows quality sound to come through, so the car’s occupants can listen to good music, guaranteed sound quality. It is not strange to see an item with one or dual cutouts in this category. The product with dual cut-outs can accommodate two subwoofer products.

The manufacturers have no problem completing the neat cut-outs because they use only the best tools to construct the ported speaker box. Therefore, every customer should observe the cutout and measure its diameter of subwoofer box before purchasing the audio.

Charcoal Carpet Finishing

It is best to install dual 12 inch subwoofers with charcoal carpet finishing because the dark color blends with the car seats and interior design. The customer reviews indicate everyone is happy with the choice of finishing because it always looks good regardless of the product, whether you choose a 12 inch subwoofer with single or dual cutouts.

Products in this Category

The subwoofer enclosures for these 12 inch subwoofer models are perfect because of the neat sealing and correctly installed terminals. However, you should ensure an adequate power source for your subwoofer as a customer. This is an easy way to get the best device output.

Here are the top subwoofer models in this category, according to customer demand:

12 Inch Dual Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure

This universal fit 12 inch subwoofer enclosure is designed to accommodate the perfect speaker size that can produce an excellent output filing your vehicle with good music. The customer ratings for this subwoofer enclosure are excellent, which is great for sales.

The space on this dual subwoofer box is about 12 inches, and the stock charcoal carpet finishing is excellent. The car audio enclosure is right by the terminals, which feature high-quality copper connectors to send excellent signals to the speaker. You can search the featured recommendations on our site.

The sealed design prevents the loss of sound waves from the enclosure, and they have a perfect depth size, which measures 13 inches. Top-quality glue has been used for the finishing, so the car audio box is durable. Also, lifting the box is easy because recessed handles on both sides fit the box’s construction strength. this box use a vent to reinforce low bass response.

The neat cutouts make it easy for the speakers to enter the car audio box, so it fits correctly where the terminals and contact points have been positioned. The customer reviews for this product are excellent, making them one of the best sellers with perfect dimensions.

Thin Profile 12 Inch Subwoofer Box

This is one of the stock models of subwoofers with one cutout in the enclosure. The MDF construction is flawless and has a mounting depth of 13 inches.

This series is designed for smaller cars and fits in the trunk.

Also, among the list of features are the premium charcoal carpet finishing which is beautiful, and the contact terminal points for these dual 12 inch subwoofer enclosures make it easy to connect the speakers to the sound source. It weighs about 25 pounds which makes the installation part seamless.

This item is a bestseller, and we offer interested customers opportunities to make a customized request to make the stock item stand out.

12 Inch Dual Loaded Enclosure

This unique design features subwoofer enclosures for medium-sized sub speakers. The terminals for this enclosure are positioned on the sides and always fall under the wholesale items’ stock category. The reviews for the product are outstanding because it is easy to install and lasts long.

The mounting depth of this item is about 13 inches, and it comes as a dual or single enclosure for the best speakers. The sound output is excellent, and it is for subwoofers with high bass volume. Also, the product series features neatly done premium charcoal carpeting on the exterior parts of the speaker.

Order in Bulk

You can select and add these stock subwoofers to your cart when shopping on our site. The lead time for bulk orders is about four weeks, and we ship out quickly.

Send us a customer contact form to process your bulk order or ask questions about this series’s stock subwoofers.

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