12-Inch Dual Sealed Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure


Item No.: SXSE-013
12-Inch Dual Sealed Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure
Cutout Diameter – 11″
Max Mounting Depth – 13″
Net Volume – 2.02″
(Height) 13″ x (Width) 30″ x (Depth) 13.75″
Premium Charcoal Carpet
Sealed Truck Enclosure
MDF Construction

If you want to enjoy more bass and clear music in your car, you should consider buying this dual 12-inch subwoofer box. It comes with all the features that ensure sound quality is perfect. And you can fit the best subwoofers in it without stress.

The top features are as follows:

Excellently Cutout Dual Enclosures

The two enclosures for subwoofers are neat. The organized appearance adds to the aesthetic appeal of this product. The rounded cutouts are the perfect fit for high-quality subwoofers that will complement the sound system in your car.

The cutout diameter for this product is about 11 inches. This can accommodate the best subwoofers you will find in the market.

Dual Terminals

To allow you to connect the installed subwoofers, there are two terminal ports on both sides of the twin 12-inch subwoofer box. All you have to do is connect your audio cable to get started.

Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure

For every dual or triple 12-inch subwoofer box ported design you buy, the charcoal carpeted finishing indicates that you have made the right choice. The finishing is perfect, and the charcoal shade blends with any car interior design.

Adequate Net Volume

This is one of the 12-inch sub-box models with a convenient net volume that gives you peace of mind. The measurement falls at 2.02 inches, perfect for car subwoofer systems.

Deep Mounting Depth

We recommend this dual 12-inch subwoofer box to truck owners because it has a significant mounting depth. The measurement is about 13 inches, which is just amazing. This is why the demand for this particular sub-box is high. It is so convenient to use.

High Demand

You can secure your bulk order for these sub boxes now. We ship out orders quickly. Please fill out the customer contact form to place an order or ask questions.

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