4 Gauge Car Audio Wire

Upgrade the car audio system with Spiritcar’s 4 gauge car audio wire kit, featuring a 2300 watts peak power rating and premium grade cables for top-notch performance.

2300 Watts Peak Power Rating

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This 4 gauge car audio wire kit includes heat-resistant wire jackets, a durable AGU fuse holder, and triple-shielded RCA interconnect cables for maximum reliability.

Experience superior sound quality and long-lasting performance with this all-inclusive amp install solution.

Our 4 gauge car audio wire kit package includes 17 feet of red CCA power wire, 3 feet of black CCA ground wire, 17 feet of black/white RCA interconnects, and 17 feet of 16-gauge brown/silver speaker wire, and 18 feet of 18-gauge blue remote wire.

Also, the 4 gauge car audio wire kit has a protective black wire loom, inline AGU fuse holder, 80 Amp AGU fuse, and installation accessories such as connectors, terminals, wire ties, and wire loom.

So trust Spiritcar’s expertise in designing and delivering top-quality car audio and auto electronics products for your next project.


General Features:
2300 Watts Peak Power Rating
Complete 4 Gauge Amp Install Kit
Heat Resistant Wire Jacket
Premium Heat Durability In-Line AGU Fuse Holder
Triple Shielded RCA Interconnect Cable
Premium Grade Cables
What’s Included:
4 Gauge Red CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) Power Wire: 17 Feet
4 Gauge Black CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) Ground Wire: 3 Feet
Black/White RCA Interconnect: 17 Feet
16 Gauge Brown/Silver Speaker Wire: 17 Feet
18 Gauge Blue Remote Wire: 18 Feet
Protective Black Wire Loom
Inline AGU Fuse Holder
80 Amp AGU Fuse
Installation Accessories/ Connectors
Terminals, Wire Ties, and Wire Loom Included

Our amplifier install kit includes everything you need to power your sound system. It comes with premium-grade cables and heat-resistant wire to help protect your sound system from over-heating, ensuring high performance for years to come. We’ve got all your amp install needs covered with quality parts that get the job done right.

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