Single 10″ Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure

Item No.: SXSE-012
Single 10″ Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure
Cutout Diameter – 9.125″
Max Mounting Depth – 11.5″
Net Volume – 0.82″
(Height) 11.75 x (Width) 16.25 x (Depth) 15.25 inches
Premium Charcoal Carpet

The custom 10-inch subwoofer box is in a class of its own. The design is excellent, and it can fit some of the best subwoofers you will be interested in buying online. The box features everything a standard subwoofer enclosure should have and more. Here are the features:

High-quality Terminals

There are terminals on the side of this triple 10-inch subwoofer box. The terminals for cable connection are gold plated and can last for many years without fault. This feature is also on other 10 inch models.

Completely Sealed Enclosure

You won’t have to worry about losing audio beats with this 4 8 subwoofer box variant because the inner parts have been sealed in the best way possible. This also makes the 4 8 sub box more rugged and guaranteed to last for many years.

Charcoal Carpeted Sub Box

The outlook is beautiful with its exquisite charcoal carpet that also blends with the interior design of your car. The carpeted design can be seen on all models, including the 3 8 in subwoofer box.

Convenient Mounting Depth

This is the best 8-inch subwoofer box because of the mounting depth of about 11.5 inches. This allows you to properly position the 8 in subwoofer box anywhere you want without worrying about the interior space.

Wide Cutout Diameter

The cutout diameter in the 4 8 in sub box measures about 9 inches, with a bit of allowance to make it easy to fit the subwoofer.

We like how perfect the cutout diameter looks. It is a fantastic feature that requires skill to get it right. Thankfully, we use only the best materials.

The wood used for this custom 10-inch subwoofer box is high quality and lasts for many years.

Send your inquiries about bulk orders for this sub-box. Complete the customer contact form below and submit it. We will reply immediately.

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