Dual Custom 12 inch Subwoofer Box

Item No.: SXSE-011
Dual 12 inch Shared Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure
Cutout Diameter – 11″
Max Mounting Depth – 16.75″
Net Volume – 2.63″
(Height) 13.75″ x (Width) 30.25″ x (Depth) 17.5″
Premium Charcoal Carpet

We continue to insist the vented custom sub boxes are the best models you should consider buying for your car or truck. These car subwoofer boxes are well-designed and sturdy and provide the best enclosures for your top-rated subwoofer speakers. The sturdy design keeps your expensive subwoofer speakers safe, and the enclosure allows you to enjoy the highly-rated sound quality filtering from the speakers.

The subwoofer box is wrapped in high-quality carpet and comes in different dimensions, making them the best custom subwoofer boxes you should look at when making a purchase on the market.

Where to Buy Custom Sub Boxes?

We sell the best custom subwoofer box on the market, according to multiple reviews from satisfied customers. So, you should not hesitate to buy your subwoofer boxes from us. We can also provide custom sub boxes to match your car or truck.

The custom subwoofer box range we sell has been professionally checked to ensure they meet the industry’s standards and give all users top value for their money. You can find our brands on the website, where you can shop and stock up your warehouse to ensure you have enough subwoofers to meet your customer’s demands.

Top Features of Subwoofer Enclosures

Our managers and the production team have been trained to execute the best custom designs to meet the market’s standards, so you are getting the best product for your vehicle or truck. We also have an excellent logistics team to avoid sending the wrong order and ensure fast shipping at all times.

Here are the top features of these custom subwoofers that are always ready to be shipped to any location globally:

Dual 12 Inches Enclosure

These are the best subwoofer box enclosures you should buy if you want deep bass and consistency in sound quality. The dimensions are excellent for any vehicle, and the subwoofer box design can hold two high-quality speakers without any issues. The dual 12-inch enclosure allows you to install the speakers without issues, while the terminals on the side have been properly positioned for quick connections.

Vented Carpeted Enclosure

The vents help enhance the audio quality, and the carpeted design is beautiful. The joints have been properly covered, and the entire box looks neat and fit for any type of car or vehicle.

Physical Features

The subwoofer box has a cutout diameter of 11 inches and a mounting depth of 16.75 inches, both of which make it easy to install the subwoofer enclosure in a car or vehicle. Also, the height is 13.75 inches, the width – is 30.25 inches, and the depth – is 17.5 inches. Overall, with a net volume of 2.63, this subwoofer box is perfect for use in the USA and other parts of the world.

Premium Charcoal Carpet Cover

The charcoal shade of the carpet used to cover the subwoofer box looks amazing. It will blend with the interior design of any vehicle. The charcoal carpet will not peel off and ruin the car interior, and it is one of the durable materials used to design the subwoofer enclosure.

How to Order in Bulk

We have made it so easy to order these custom sub boxes in bulk. All you have to do is shop on our site, send us your customer contact form, and we will start the process. You can choose from different dimensions to customize the product’s cutout size. Also, these boxes are suitable for using different parts and accessories for the terminals and other connections you want to do to enhance your car’s audio quality.

And you can install the boxes in different places, in your vehicle, because of the custom design.

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