Custom Vehicle Specific Single 12" Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure Design for Truck


Item No.: SXSE-007
Single 12″ Sealed Carpeted Truck Subwoofer Enclosure
Cutout Diameter – 11.125″
Max Mounting Depth – 5.25″
Net Volume – 0.7″
(Height) 15.25″ x (Width) 19.625″ x (Depth) 5″ x (2nd Depth) 8.25″
Premium Charcoal Carpet
Product Features:

1. Universal Fit
2. Competition Grade, High Performance
3. Allows for Deep, Accurate, and Responsive Bass
4. Internal Air Space
5. Sound-absorbing Dacron available
6. Premium Push Terminals with Internal Speaker Wire Leads Ready For Installation
7. Slim design to save space
8. Produce according to customer’s design

Trucks and other vehicles may require a custom 12-inch subwoofer box. This is not a problem since we have different suitable designs you can choose from. The designs are all available on our product pages to help make your decision easier.

Convenient Mounting Depth

The products generally have a mounting depth of 5.25 inches, which is excellent for your truck and other vehicles. This universal measurement eliminates the hassles of guessing the right mounting depth because of the product’s versatile features. This is an excellent example of how convenient this depth can be observed when using the truck speaker box.

Maximum Volume

The average volume for the vehicle-specific subwoofer box is 0.7 inches. This is one of the best features that make the product sell out fast. You are confident that your sound output will be excellent with such a volume capacity.

Variety Options Available

You can choose to buy the 3 hole 12-inch subwoofer box, a best-seller, or the other variants, such as a single subwoofer box. The choice depends on the pitch and quality of bass sounds you want to achieve while driving your truck. Also, some audio systems come with recommendations to help the users make better decisions.

Perfect Finishing

The custom 12 in subwoofer box has a beautiful, top-quality charcoal carpet. The finishing will enhance the complete look after fixing the subwoofer in the box. Also, the carpet makes it easy to handle the subwoofer box if you need to lift it often.

Furthermore, this product has one of the best enclosures online. And these subwoofer boxes are affordable.

Check out the price now. We prioritize customer satisfaction by ensuring the delivery time is short. Send us a customer contact form with your questions or order details, and we will reply with all the information you need to order.

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