Truck Speaker Box 12″ Single Sealed Custom Design Subwoofer Enclosure

Item No.: SXSE-007
Single 12″ Sealed Carpeted Truck Subwoofer Enclosure
Cutout Diameter – 11.125″
Max Mounting Depth – 5.25″
Net Volume – 0.7″
(Height) 15.25″ x (Width) 19.625″ x (Depth) 5″ x (2nd Depth) 8.25″
Premium Charcoal Carpet
Product Features:

1. Universal Fit
2. Competition Grade, High Performance
3. Allows for Deep, Accurate, and Responsive Bass
4. Internal Air Space
5. Sound-absorbing Dacron available
6. Premium Push Terminals with Internal Speaker Wire Leads Ready For Installation
7. Slim design to save space
8. Produce according to customer’s design

The best speaker boxes are those perfectly constructed models that blend seamlessly with your truck’s interior design. These boxes have the perfect enclosure for your subwoofers, and the box is designed to enhance audio sound, giving you a pleasant driving experience.

The truck speaker box comes in different sizes and is suitable for all types of trucks. You only have to find one of the sub boxes that match your car. You can get the custom box for your car audio system on our site, and we also offer customer advice support if it is your first time buying an enclosure box for your quality speakers.

Choosing the Best Truck Speaker Box

If you search online, you will find many shop brands selling these boxes for trucks, but you should not buy the products from random brands. Instead, buy your sound boxes from a brand like ours because all our products are tested and trusted.

We also offer fast shipping, which is best for people who need to upgrade their cars with an impressive car audio system. Here are some essential points to note when buying a speaker box for your truck:

Vehicle Type

Some trucks out there will have enough space to allow you to install the subwoofer box anywhere you want. These positions can be beneath the truck’s seat or in the trunk. You should know more about the model of your vehicle to decide the best position for installing your truck.

You may also have a truck that comes with a special location for installing the speaker box, so you should check that out. If there is already a special provision for the custom speaker box, you are in luck because that saves time and effort.

Speaker Box Quality

Not all subwoofer enclosures have the same quality, so you should be careful when choosing the most suitable enclosure for your car. For example, some subwoofer enclosures are made from high-quality wood and wrapped in a durable carpet. These are the models we sell. However, some other products have weak joints and can easily fall apart. You should avoid these products.

The materials used to make the subwoofer box should match the quality, and this is how you get the most value when you shop for speaker boxes for your trucks.

Enclosure Design

You should ensure the product has the space to accommodate your speakers. Some enclosures come with one hole, while others have two. If you have two speakers, get a suitable model.

Best Features to Look For

Our car subwoofer boxes is rated the best on the market because it is a durable universal fit. The sound absorbing dracon enhances the car audio quality and internal air space. Also, it is a slim design which saves space.

The mounting depth is only 5.25 inches, and it has a net volume of 0.7 inches. The box is wrapped in premium charcoal carpet and has a cutout diameter of 11.125 inches.

Available for Bulk Order

You can order this deep bass-enhancing, ready-to-install truck subwoofer enclosures now. Send us your customer contact form, and we will help you get all the products you need.

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