Single 10″ Empty Sealed Car Audio Subwoofer Box

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This 10 inch competition subwoofer box has been described as the best competition subwoofer enclosure you can find on the market, and we agree. The features are excellent, and the customer reviews are encouraging. Here are the top features of this e92 subwoofer box:

Sturdy Design

You can easily store this competition subwoofer box in the trunk of your car. It is sturdy yet not bulky. The design allows you to make connections with the appropriate cables without spending too much money because it is a straightforward process. All that is needed is to locate the vents on the box and pass the audio cable through.

Convenient Mounting Depth

To confirm that you will find it easy to position even the 4 10-inch subwoofer box in your car, we can ensure that it has a proper mounting depth of 5.5 inches. These are the best specs for sedans and bigger cars.

Neat Cutout

The cutout space on this subwoofer box for sale is about 9.12 inches. This is a perfect cutout that can accommodate any speaker of your choice. The diameter makes it possible to hold the speaker in position so that your car audio output remains consistently excellent.

Adequate Net Volume

The average net volume for 3 10 inch subwoofer box ported is about 0.62 inches. That means the enclosure has enough space to accommodate subwoofers that can produce the audio volume and quality level you want. This is what you get with this product as well.

Aesthetic Appeal

The outer physical appearance of this e92 subwoofer box is attractive. The finishing features a charcoal carpet that complements the other physical features and makes the cable vents less conspicuous. The outer finishing also makes it possible to maintain a good grip on the subwoofer box if you have to carry it from one place to another.

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Cutout Diameter


Max Mounting Depth


Net Volume



(Height) 15.25" x (Width) 19.875" x (Depth) 5" x (2nd Depth) 8.5"


Premium Charcoal Carpet

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