Custom 12 Inch Double Subwoofer Enclosure for Sale

Item No.: SXSE-009
12-Inch Dual Subwoofer Enclosure
¾” Medium density fiberboard front baffle and recessed side panels for easy lifting
100% Sealed joints with pre-cut 11″ diameter hole
Nickel plated spring loaded speaker terminals
Pre-wired with fast-on terminals with poly fiber lining damper
2 x 1.25 cu. ft. internal volume

Different subwoofer enclosures are available on the market, but these products stand out. The features are excellent, and the reviews have been blowing out because these custom 12-inch subwoofer boxes always sell out. We create enough opportunities to accommodate all bulk orders and ship out fast.

These are the features:

Excellent Enclosure

The enclosure in this 6 12 inch subwoofer box is perfect. It can accommodate the best types of subwoofers you can find on the market. The enclosure for single or double subwoofer boxes has the right measurements that can help enhance the sound quality in the car.

Proper Design and Structure

The design is excellent. It helps enhances the double 12-inch subwoofer box and its output. The manufacturers made the design meticulously, ensuring the sides were completely sealed. This is another reason why the sound output is wonderful. The customer reviews have also highlighted the effects of the proper design on enhancing sound quality.

Affordable Subwoofer Boxes

The price range for these 1 12 inch subwoofer box ports is reasonable. You will not need to overspend when making bulk orders. The bulk orders make it easy to save money when you order, which is the best approach for business investors in this field, who need to find excellent subwoofer enclosures for sale.

Spring Loaded Terminals

These are other outstanding features that enhance the speaker’s quality. The 4 8 subwoofer truck box can also fit mid-sized SUVs with space for subwoofers.

Easy to Handle

The finishing on this product makes it easy to handle. The 12-inch empty bass tube comes with a right-side panel to carry the boom box when necessary.

Also, the cutout space is adequate for most subwoofer models you can find online.

Bulk Order Opportunity

Send in your custom contact form to place a bulk order. The process is quick, and the lead time is less than three weeks.

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