6 x 9 Inches Car Specific Pair Subwoofer Box with Speaker Terminal

Item No.: SXSE-015
 6 x 9 Inches Pair Speaker Box with Speaker Terminal
Cutout Diameter – 6″ x 8.75″
Max Mounting Depth – 3.625″
Net Volume – 0.16 Cu ft
(Height) 7.875″ x (Width) 12″ x (Depth) 3.750″ x (2nd Depth) 6.250″”
Sold as Pair
MDF Constructed
Completely Carpeted Enclosure

We recommend these 6×9 subwoofer box models for cars and trucks. The designers specifically selected the features to make these sub boxes perfect for cars. That means the audio output is excellent and reliable.

Durable Speaker Terminals

When you buy these vehicle-specific subwoofer enclosure models, you have no worries about changing the speaker terminals after a short time because they are built to last for many years. The terminals are rugged and hold audio cables firmly to ensure the sound is not disconnected even while driving the car.

Excellent Sound Output

The design is entirely created to enhance sound output. We think it is a great idea to go for the car-specific subwoofer boxes. No guesswork is needed.

Stable Base

With these sub boxes, you won’t hear those annoying sounds because the base is flat and stable. It can support speakers of different weights without issues.

Perfect MDF Construction

It takes much expertise to construct these 6×9 subwoofer box models, which has been impressive. Everyone likes them, as seen from reviews that happy customers have written. These sub boxes are the best.

Mounting Depth

The subwoofer boxes have a maximum mounting depth of 3.6 inches, perfect for cars. This feature also means you won’t experience wobbling after installing the box in your car.

Neat Cutout

There are no flaws in the cutout hole, which means the subwoofer speakers will fit in perfectly. The average cutout diameter in these models is about 6×8.7 inches. This is large enough to hold your speakers.

Overall, the design is sturdy and, at the same time, beautiful, with the charcoal carpeted finishing that looks so amazing.

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