4GA Audio OFC Amp Kit Amplifier Installation Wiring Complete Red Cable Fuse Holder 4GA

Item no: SXAK-009
17′ 4 GA Red Power Cable
3′ 4 GA Black Power Cable
17′ 2-RCA to 2-RCA Plugs Cable with Signal Wire
3′ Split Loom Tubing
AFC Fuse Holder
100 Amp AFC Fuse
10 Pcs Cable Ties
Ring Terminal 1+ 1 Pcs
Spade Terminal 2 Pcs
Butt Splices 2 Pcs

This wire completes the set for amplifier installation kits. They are the best options for long-term use. With these products, you can ensure that the audio output is top-notch. The excellent designs are attributed to our adherence to the best standards for production and shipping. We ensure that everyone who buys these 4 gauge audio wire strips gets the most value for their purchase.

Here are the top features;

Color-Coded 4 Gauge Audio Wire

The color-coding makes it easy to use these wires for car audio installations. You can quickly identify what wire goes into where. The colors do not fade, which is also an added advantage. If you ever have to add a new gadget to your car audio system, you can identify the wires and reconnect safely.

Split Loom Tubing

The internal arrangement of the 4ga ofc wire is excellent. It features a split loom arrangement that prevents any risks of bridging. That also means the connections can deliver the excellent audio output you desire. The quality experience with this wire is mainly attributed to the fact that you have the guarantee of a perfect output with these products.

Supports High Rated Fuses

With these 4 gauge audio wires, you can safely connect fuses of high ratings. They are perfect for fuses with up to 100 Amps. We can also confirm that these long-term connections will not disrupt even though the car vibrates a lot when it is in motion.

Compatible with RCA Plugs

You can use these wires with RCA plugs if necessary. The connections do not need extra bits, as it is straightforward. Also, you can adjust the cables to get the desired lengths to avoid doing a rough untidy installation.

Available for Bulk Sales

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