4 Gauge Automotive Speaker Amplifier Installation Wiring Kit

Model: SXAK-001 Categories: ,

Item Features:

20 ft. 4 GA Red Power Cable, Competition High-Quality Fuse Holder

3 ft. 4 GA Black Ground Cable

6 ft. Split Loom Tubing

16 Ft. 18 GA Blue Remote Turn-On Wire

10pcs Calbe tie

90″ Hexagon wrench

4GA Ring terminal/4GA Spade terminal

These excellent automotive speaker wires are the result of years of research and development. They have the best features that provide excellent value for money.

That’s not all. The company provides outstanding customer service for all bulk orders and ships out orders fast because they have an excellent logistics team.

The automotive wires are versatile. Whether you use the 16mm2 automotive cable or the 6 AWG automotive wire, the experience is always the same.

Temperature Tolerant

The range of automotive cables is designed to withstand high temperatures. This makes them an excellent choice for all vehicles and even boats or motorcycles. The 3mm automotive wire is perfect for smaller connections.

At the same time, you can choose the 2 AWG automotive wire, which has excellent conductivity and ideal diameter and meets the high standards in the American/global market.

High-Quality Copper

The 10mm automotive cable and similar variants in the same product category deliver the best results because of the quality of copper the makers use. The top-quality copper also extends the product’s life span providing more value for money.

Excellent Insulation

When wires bridge, there is a disruption in their functions, and bridging usually happens when the insulation material is of low quality. That is why we recommend this 16 mm2 automotive cable. The insulative cover is reliable and lasts for many years.

Moisture Proof

Even though the vehicle may go through wet paths often, moisture cannot ruin or disrupt the functions of these automotive cables. They have the perfect insulation to protect the copper wires from moisture. Also, the sockets are well designed to prevent moisture issues.

Handles Vibration Excellently

Most moving parts in the vehicle cause vibration. There will not be a disconnection with these 6 AWG automotive wire brands. The products are designed to hold fast even when the vehicle vibrates non-stop.

Bulk Order Sales

Let us guide you to find the automotive cable you need for that job. Please send us a quick note by completing the customer contact form on the site.


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