PION16B Pioneer Replacement 16 Pin Aftermarket Car Radio Wire Harness Adapter

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Item No.: SXWH-4006
PION16B Pioneer Replacement 16 Pin Radio Wire Harness
Simply plug and play installation
Clearly marked Color Coded wires
Ideal for aftermarket radio
18 gauge high quality wire
Direct OEM fit Connection
16 Pin harness

Aftermarket wiring harness for a car stereo is in high demand. You can place bulk orders for these products directly from us. Our brands have the following features, which make them the best on the market:

Industrial Grade 20 Pin Radio Connector

Whether you want to buy the 20 pin radio connector, top-quality car audio harness adapters, or a head unit adapter, we have got it. Our manufacturing processes ensure the final products are industrial grade. We follow world-class standards, ensuring the car radio wire connectors and other accessories are usable in any part of the world.

Top Quality Pins

The car stereo harness kit is the best grade online. After making a connection, we source the purest copper from the producers to ensure the pins perform as expected. The double din harness has a consistent performance rating due to the pin quality. Also, pins in the car stereo plug are the best and resistant to corrosion.

Customizable Features

The car radio harness and car stereo adaptor have customizable features. You can specify the length or color coding for the wires attached for bulk orders. You can also customize a wiring harness for steering wheels control. These features make it easy to distinguish your brand from others in the market.

Outstanding Output

We do not compromise on quality. Only the best materials have been used to design and make the car stereo cables and wires. The audio output is always excellent when these accessories are used for car audio connections.

Many customers have confirmed that the products deliver the best output, supporting the performance of the car audio system.

Flexible Wires

Unlike other products that may be brittle, these 20 pin radio connector models are flexible. The technician can turn or bend them as necessary during installations. The flexible connectors and cables also make it easy to use these products.

Order Online in Bulk

Placing orders is now convenient. All it takes is to complete and submit the customer contact form below. Specify details of your order, and we will respond quickly.

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