8 Gauge Auto Speaker Cables 2 Channel Amplifier Installation Kit

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DETAILS Contains:

1. 5mtr 8 gauge red CCA power cable fitted with Ni plated AGU fuse holder and 40 amp AGU fuse and 8 gauge ring terminals
2. 1mtr 8 gauge brown CCA power cable with 8 gauge ring terminals
3. 1 x 5mtr RCA cable with Remote control wire
4. 10 x 150mm long cable ties
5. 2 x 8GA fork terminals

8 Gauge Speaker Auto Cables Online – A Car Amplifier Wiring Kit Helps You Make Connections and Brings Power To Your Radio, Subwoofers and Speakers

Quality Speaker Cable

Our car speaker cable is perfect for all car audio systems with a straightforward installation process. It is made from pure copper and designed for home stereo, subwoofer, channel speakers, and sound systems. It conveniently connects the audio speaker to an A/V receiver or amplifier.

Soft Touch Speaker Cable

The soft-touch jacket and color-coding help to distinguish polarity. The cables are gold-plated, anti-rust with premium high strand count that supplies sound clarity and accuracy with little distortion.

The thin tin coating over copper prevents corrosion, making the car speaker cable long-lasting. The jacket on our cable is designed to suit every user. It allows easy routing and has low memory.

Rugged PVC Jacket

Users can enjoy free and wide adjustment of the 30 amp automotive cable due to its physical properties, such as flexibility, resistance, and elasticity. This car cable speaker is widely applicable for home stereo, subwoofer, and speakers manufactured in different lengths and colors.

Furthermore, it is manufactured with tinned oxygen-free copper (OFC). This provides a superior electrical conductor to aluminum, is resistant to heat, and carries a higher current load.

Undistorted Signal

The 8 gauge ofc speaker wire is surrounded by a plastic jacket that helps deliver high-quality and undistorted signals to all audio equipment connected to it. The other advantage of the plastic jacket is that it helps with insulation.

Conveniently Dispense

The speaker cable is neatly wrapped around a hard plastic spool for easy dispensing with the user’s convenience in mind. It can be quickly used without any hassle or tieing.


Our car speaker cables pass through quality control. So, you can expect a high-functioning piece of cable with a warranty. You can purchase these auto cables online. We are bulk manufacturers with a short delivery time. All your inquiries will be attended to quickly. Please, contact us for more information.



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