Universal Car Audio Stereo Radio Wiring Harness for Ford 03-Up Amp

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Item No.: SXWH-4003
Radio Wiring Harness for Ford 03-Up Amp
Factory amplifier integration harness
2 RCA Plugs plug into aftermarket radio’s pre-amp outputs
One 24-pin power plug and one 8-pin subwoofer plug.Includes Ford Lincoln and Mercury 2003-2005 Turbowire and a 8-pin harness with a pair of RCAs for the OE woofer(s)
1.5K Ohm resistor can be used on the amp-remote wire to eliminate turn-on pop
Allows for the installation of an aftermarket radio using the existing factory wiring and connectors

The features of these car audio harness models make them stand out in the market. The design allows technicians to use them efficiently, and high quality makes them worth the investment. The customer reviews are encouraging, and many users think they are the best.

The features are as follows:

Factory Enhanced Design

They are excellent for projects involving base to 8.4 radio conversion harness or if the 20 pin radio harness is needed. The versatile design adopted by the makers incorporates essential features that boost output. The speaker wire harness adapter also conforms to top quality standards necessary for car audio systems.

Amplifier Integration

The stereo harness connector is the perfect medium to integrate amplifiers in the car audio system. Also, using a universal car radio plug eliminates the hassles of searching for matching plugs for different projects. Overall, it is easy to include the best amplifiers in the system using these products.

No Turn-on Pop

Connections done with the factory stereo wiring harness are seamless. The system allows clear audio to stream through the speakers at different frequencies. No worries about turn-on pop sound when it is time to blast some music.

Also, the setup accommodates the 16 pin car audio connector. This is the best connector option for excellent audio quality. The 16 pin wire harness connector is fairly popular. The technician should know how to ensure the connection holds firmly.

Compatible with Aftermarket Radio

Using this universal car radio plug and stereo harness connector with aftermarket radio is easy. The color-coded wires make it easy to identify the correct ports to plug. Also, the audio quality is remarkable.

Bulk Orders Available

The lead time for these products is about three weeks. Shipping is fast. However, it depends on your location. Complete and submit the customer contact form to order radio wiring or stereo harness connectors.

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