Custom Single 15in Subwoofer Box for Sale

Item No.: SXSE-017
Single 15″ Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Box
Cutout Diameter – 14″
Max Mounting Depth – 14″
Net Volume – 2.08″
(Height) 16″ x (Width) 21″ x (Depth) 16.25″
Premium Charcoal Carpet

If you want to get a subwoofer that produces amazing sounds with perfect bass, this 15in subwoofer box will do the trick. Regardless of your subwoofer choice, you can fit it in this q bomb box 15 17 single unit without stress because of the universal design.

The design also includes a 15in subwoofer enclosure for single speakers. So, it is excellent for smaller sedans or cabin trucks. Here are the top features of the 15-inch single subwoofer box:

Vented Subwoofer Box Design

The vent on this 15 single subwoofer box runs across its entire width. That means there is enough space in the single 15in subwoofer box to enhance sound output and tuning. The vent also boosts the enclosure volume and sound frequency.

Neat Cutout

The cutout space on this subwoofer box is perfect. It allows you to install the speakers easily and holds them firm. It keeps the speakers steady.

That means you can drive around with this subwoofer box without experiencing sound disconnection. The model also comes in an 18-inch subwoofer box for sale that you can order on our site.

Rugged Terminals

The terminal points on the custom single 15-inch sub box are top quality. They have a spring-loaded system that holds your audio cables firmly.

This essential feature ultimately prevents disconnection or breaks in audio signal transmission. The terminals have been gold plated to reduce the risk of corrosion. Also, the plated surfaces enhance connectivity.

Carpeted Subwoofer Box

If you need a 4 15-inch subwoofer box for sale with a carpeted design, you should look at these options. The charcoal carpeted feature is excellent. It enhances handling and blends in with the interior space nicely.

Overall, the net volume of this sub box is 2.08 inches, and it has a mounting depth of 14 inches, which is pretty convenient.

To inquire about bulk orders, send us your completed customer contact form.

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