Custom Single 10 12 inch Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure


Single 10″ 12″ Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure

The best subwoofer recommendation is to have a custom dual 12-inch subwoofer box. These specifications go a long way to enhance the audio output from your car and make everyone full of envy. To help you understand the top features of the g body sub-box model, we have highlighted everything you need to know.

Classic Design

It is a classic design with a custom single 12-inch subwoofer box. The necessary compartments in the box have been added to ensure the sound output is excellent. Also, the measurements are accurate and maintained all through the box’s structure. That means two of these g body sub boxes will deliver the same audio quality without compromise.

High-quality Wood

You can trust our brand to go above and beyond to source the best wood for this 12 in sub box. The wood quality gives the box a perfect finish that enhances the sound output when used. The type of wood selected is not prone to pests. This means your custom single 12-inch subwoofer box will last for many years, giving you more value for money.

Vented Enclosure

This important feature also determines the sound output quality to a large extent. The vent is standard, and it works perfectly. Also, the measurements of this enclosure match the recommendations any expert will give for a 12 in sub box.

Supports Clear Audio

This subwoofer box is not only about loud noise and all of that, but you will enjoy a fantastic sound output that is excellent.

The color shade of this subwoofer box is unique. It allows you to achieve different designs if you want to be creative with your speaker choice.

Bulk Orders Guaranteed

These products are fast selling in the market. However, we have vast resources to ensure you can always place bulk orders and deliver your products quickly. Please send us your specs, fill out and submit the customer contact form below.

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