Plug and Play Stereo Wiring Harness Suit To Alpine Head Units

SXWH-21452, to suit Alpine head units

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Wiring harness to suit Alpine head units

Alpine 14 pin with side tab to 1 x male ISO connector
Packing: blister or oppbag as per customer’s prefer ( cost different )

These are lightweight radio plug adapter models with universal functions. You can use them for connections in different car models, adding to their value. The customer reviews for these plug-and-play stereo wiring harness models are excellent. Many users find it easy to use them, and they last for a long time.

Weather Tolerance

The car stereo connector adapter and other accessories in this batch as made from rugged materials. The finishing is excellent, making them resistant to hot and cold weather. This also means that using these car radio wire adapter models is convenient.

Abrasion Resistant

The makers have fortified the car speaker wire adapter to resist abrasion. This is why there is hardly any break in signal transmission while it is in use. Also, the stereo pins are rugged. They are made from the purest materials to enhance connectivity and prevent corrosion.

Malleability Properties

The stereo wiring harness is exceptionally malleable, making it perfect for different projects. It can be turned, twisted, and bent to match the connections in the vehicle’s system. The stereo wire adapter and aftermarket radio connector are easy to use. The flexible PVC covering makes them last longer.

Car Stereo Harness Connectors with Different Lengths

This is the best brand for anyone who needs bulk orders for car stereo harness connectors. The lead time for bulk orders is two to three weeks, depending on the order. Customer service is excellent so you can trust us for the best experience.

High-quality Inner Conductor

The conductor inside these stereo wiring harness and car radio wire adapter models is pure flexible copper. It is reliable and can be used for a long time.

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