Dual 15-Inch Car SUV Subwoofer Box for Sale


Item No.: SXSE-016
Dual 15-Inch Car Subwoofer Enclosure
Cutout Diameter – 14″
Max Mounting Depth – 15.875″
Net Volume – 3.42″
(Height) 15.75″ x (Width) 35.375″ x (Depth) 16.5″
Premium Charcoal Carpet
15-inch Dual Vented Enclosure
Shared Chambers

If you need a recommendation on how to boost your audio system in the long term, these 15 in subwoofer box models are the best. If you want more volume and bass, go for the dual 15 in the subwoofer box.

Wide Cutout Diameter

Now, you don’t have to worry about the size of your subwoofer speakers because they will fit in this box. The cutout diameter for these 2 15 in sub box models is about 14 inches. That is wide and adequate for your needs.

No Sound Escape

The interior construction is excellent. There are no spaces in the joints. That means you won’t lose your bass sounds when using this 15 in sub box. The same quality goes for the dual 15 in subwoofer box as well.

Impressive Net Volume

We recommend these 2 a5 in sub-box models because they have a net volume of 3.42 inches. The sound quality is best from the 2 a5 inch subs with box.

Vented Enclosure

Also, the vents on the sides have been professionally cut out. The vents on the dual 18 inch ported subwoofer box is about 15 inches, which is perfect.

Charcoal Carpet Finishing

This is a cute SUV subwoofer box because the finishing is flawless. The same carpeted finishing quality can be seen on the dual 18 inches ported subwoofer box. Now you know why these models sell out fast.

Shared Chambers

The designers have expertly created shared chambers for the subwoofer box 15 inches and the dual 15-inch qbomb box. These options allow you to have the best shallow 15-inch subwoofer box that meets your needs.

Also, the mounting depth for the 15-inch competition subwoofer box is perfect, allowing you to use them efficiently in cars or SUVs.

Place a Bulk Order

You can request bulk orders for the 15-inch subwoofer box and other models by sending us your order information via the customer contact form below.

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