Dual 15-Inch Car SUV Subwoofer Box for Sale

  • Dual 15-Inch Car Subwoofer Enclosure
  • Premium Charcoal Carpet
  • 15-inch Dual Vented Enclosure
  • Shared Chambers
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subwoofer box

The subwoofer box for SUVs does more than providing a suitable shell for the subwoofer speaker. These products are capable of boosting the bass response when playing different music genres. The subwoofer boxes also improve the sound system, complimenting the car stereo amplifier’s functions to produce high quality music.

There are different types of subwoofer boxes. The designs aim to help the installer properly put the subwoofer speakers in the proper enclosure where there are no air leaks or unnecessary vibration.

Selecting the best choice on the market can be quite challenging because there are many types of sub box enclosure models for these car speakers. But we can help. If you need to decide on which subwoofer boxes to order in bulk, send us a customer contact form.

An expert from our team will reply and help you complete bulk orders for the best subwoofer box.

What Does the Subwoofer Box Do?

The purpose of having a subwoofer box is to enhance the sound quality of your SUV speakers. The subwoofer speakers send out sounds from the front and rear sides. If there is no sub box, the sounds coming from both ends will cause a conflict, disrupting the bass response. Therefore, you need a subwoofer box to prevent a conflict between the sounds emitting from both sides of the speakers.

Also, the subwoofer box provides a secure enclosure for the speakers. The subwoofer box has a flat, stable base, so the speaker box will not glide across the SUV floor while the vehicle is in motion.

In addition to that, the size of a subwoofer box can influence the sound output. The subwoofer enclosure can cause a spike in the resonance, creating a more resounding bass response. This is perfect for SUV audio systems because many people prefer deep bass sounds.

Where Is the Best Position for a Subwoofer box?

Best Position for a Subwoofer Box

It is best to strategically position the subwoofer box where it complements the car stereo functions. The speaker box comes in different sizes, but you should not place them in any position. The boxes are best positioned under the seats in front or at the back.

Some people who drive trucks install their subwoofer boxes in the trunk. Then they position the speaker box towards the SUV cabin. This way, every occupant in the vehicle can enjoy the music and bass response coming through the speaker box.

Types of Subwoofer Boxes

Generally, you will find two types of the speaker box models on the market. These are the ported box and sealed box. Both designs work excellently when you need to enjoy good bass with your music. However, there is a slight difference.

The Sealed Box

As the name suggests, this box is completely sealed, so there are no air leaks in the subwoofer enclosure. The sealed box is primarily installed in cars when the owner does not want the music too high or deep bass.

The sound system still feeds the top quality audio signals to the subwoofer speaker box, but the output is not as high as what comes out from the ported subwoofer box design.

Ported Box

The ported box design features a small opening at the base or side. This opening allows more bass to come out of the subwoofer enclosure. It is the best option for people who enjoy listening to loud music with a deep bass response.

The choice depends on the car owner. Some people try out both speaker box designs before making a choice. However, the output from both subwoofer enclosure models is pretty impressive.

Is a Bigger Subwoofer Enclosure Better?

When it comes to buying speaker boxes, the end users have questions about the best size for their sound system. The answer to the question above is pretty simple. A bigger subwoofer box will hold a more prominent speaker. And if the speaker is large, the output will be more pronounced.

Therefore, the choice really depends on the user’s preference. If you want to listen to loud music, then you should buy one of the large speaker boxes on the market. On the other hand, the smaller sub box is best for cars with minimal space. You do not want to have a subwoofer enclosure that takes up all the space in your SUV trunk.

Choosing the Best Subwoofer Box

Best Subwoofer Box

When buying electronics like the subwoofer speakers, it is best to choose the accompanying accessories carefully. The choice of subwoofer box ultimately depends on the speaker brand you buy.

Some subwoofer boxes have a single cutout, while others have a dual cutout to fit the speakers. Here are other considerations to take when choosing the best subwoofer enclosure for your sound system:


You need to choose a subwoofer box that features a style that blends with the interior decor in your SUV. In most cases, the subwoofer boxes have a beautiful carpeted look, which is charcoal grey or black.

Some other models have unique markings on the box to make them stand out from other options on the market. So, define your style and browse the different subwoofer boxes on the market.

Output Capacity

The enclosures influence the product’s performance. A closed space produces lower resonance compared to the ported box design. The sound quality matters, so it is best to determine the music output capacity when choosing a subwoofer box.

Product Dimensions

It would be best if you also bought a speaker box that can match the space in your SUV. Ideally, the subwoofer box should not take up too much space in your SUV, whether you want to place the speaker box under the seat or in the trunk. You can find the correct dimensions for the woofer on the product’s web page online.

If you do not understand the product dimensions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with someone from our team for assistance. You can contact us by sending a customer contact form with the details of your inquiry.

Customer Reviews

You can find valuable information about subwoofer box manufacturers by reading the customer reviews on their sites. This information reveals whether other customers are having a good time using their electronics in the speaker boxes or not.

Shipping Details

After you complete a purchase from the shop, the company should ship out your SUV subwoofer box. You should check to ensure the shipping arrangement is convenient, especially when you are buying these SUV speaker boxes in bulk.

Using the Speaker box

The installation process is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is put the speaker in the sub box enclosure. This part is easy if you got the product dimensions correct. The subwoofer enclosure is big enough to fit your speakers because it has enough space.

With the speakers in the correct position, you should locate the RCA cables you plan to use for the connection. These should be color coded RCA cables, so finding them is easy. Identify which plug goes into which jack. Then, locate the terminal points on the sub box enclosure.

Test the sound system. If you made the connection correctly, the car audio system should produce excellent bass sounds from the woofer box.

Trouble Shooting Sound Output from Subwoofer Boxes

The subwoofer box is specifically designed to make the pa systems have an impressive performance so that it sounds great. However, anything can distort the car audio’s sound quality.

The following tips will help you check the car audio system to ensure the subwoofer box is working as it should.

Muffled Sound Output

The car audio system is set up so that it sounds great. If the sound output from the sub box is muffled, you should do a quick check. You should confirm that nothing is blocking the ported opening in the sub box enclosure. Also, look at the speakers to check if there has been a puncture. If you can identify the problem, please make plans to fix it. On the other hand, you can send the woofer to an expert for further checks.

Static Disruptions

You can hear a static sound if there is a problem with the terminals. You may need to remove the speakers from the sub box to check if you connected the terminal points tightly. If static sounds persist after checking the terminals, you should consider changing the speaker cables.

Disorganized Sound Output

A crack at the base or back of the sub box can alter the sound output. This situation is worse if it is a sealed enclosure. The solution is to replace the broken box with a new stock if the hole cannot be fixed.

Product Category

Choosing the correct box can be easy if you know product dimensions and details like the mounting depth and whether it comes with a durable bed liner. Also, finding out if the subwoofer box has air space will help determine the best products on the market.

Here are fantastic products in this category:

Dual 15-inch Car SUV Subwoofer Box

This is one of the best subwoofer enclosures to choose from if you need a product that can boost bass response and volume. The unique design is ideal for all types of cars. The subwoofer enclosure has adequate air space that allows the speakers to reach a perfect resonance when producing sound.

Here are the top features of this sub box:

Durable Bed Liner

The bed liner quality is outstanding and can help prolong the sub box lifespan, giving the end user more value for money. The durable bed liner helps absorb the impact of the speaker in the sub box. Also, the durable bed liner reduces the chances of ruining the product from abrasive damages.

Excellent Mounting Depth

The mounting depth in this subwoofer box for SUV is perfect. It allows the user to install different types of speakers without worrying about air space in the speaker box. The maximum mounting depth for this subwoofer box is 15.9 inches. This is perfect for those woofer speakers that produce outstanding bass.

You can find more information about the mounting depth on the product’s web page. The mounting depth for this product cannot be adjusted, but it is like a one size fits all, which is super convenient.

Cutout Diameter

The diameter of holes in this dual sub box for an SUV is given as 14 inches. This is an excellent cutout diameter that provides enough space in the right box. With this cutout diameter, there is no worry about air leaks from the enclosure while the box is in use.

Net Volume

Knowing the volume in the subwoofer enclosure is a significant step toward making the best choice. The volume room in this subwoofer enclosure is given as 3.42 inches. This is adequate and allows the speaker to generate enough bass power and enjoyable vibration while the music plays.

Product Dimensions

The sub box for SUV has pretty much standard product dimensions making it suitable for different vehicles and when the users want a louder musical listening experience.

The height of this SUV box is 15.75 inches, the width- is 35.375 inches, and has a depth of 16.5 inches. These dimensions make the box style perfect if you choose to put them under the seat in vehicles.

Enclosure Type

This sub box has a dual-vented enclosure that measures up to 15 inches. This is the best specification to generate the louder musical power car owners enjoy.

This is one of the model enclosures that makes it easy to setup the subwoofer box for the SUV without stress. Also, it is suitable for different vehicles and has the best port positions, so the connections are tight.

Shared Chambers

Many customers have written reviews indicating the power and volume capacity of these subwoofer boxes with shared chambers is excellent. The speakers will not smash against each other while in the shared chambers. Also, it is possible to request specifically designed boxes to meet urgent market demands.

Finishing Material

The outer part of this subwoofer enclosure for an SUV is neat and attractive. It is done with premium charcoal black carpet. The dark look has an aesthetic appeal that blends with the interior areas in vehicles, whether it is kept under the seat or in the pickup trunk.

How Long do These Subwoofer Enclosures Last?

These enclosures for SUV subwoofers are built to be durable, and any expert can install them without stress. They are sturdy and can last for many years. The customer reviews indicate many users change the speakers in these boxes when it is time for upgrades. But there is hardly a reason to change the box itself.

Overall, the SUV box’s lifespan depends on the product quality and how the subs were sealed.

Where to Buy the Best Subwoofer Box for SUV

You can do a search online to find these products in the USA, but that will be a challenging task because many random brands exist. To avoid all that stress, you should read customers’ reviews online.

These reviews give you a quick idea of whether the brand is selling products that users like. Checking the product details is also a good idea, and find out how it is installed. Also, shipping time is essential when you are buying these subwoofer enclosures in bulk. The loading time should be quick, so you can have rest of mind after they deliver the products.

Check out our product page to view the subwoofer enclosure models we sell.

Our Subwoofer Boxes for SUVs Stand Out

Subwoofer Boxes for SUVs

We sell the best subwoofer enclosures for an SUV that can fit under the car seat and support the power output from the speakers. The products are also excellent for pickup trucks.

We have the best reviews from satisfied customers who have invested and ordered these top-quality subwoofer enclosures in bulk. And our company leverages vast resources to ensure we always have the products in stock.

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Cutout Diameter


Max Mounting Depth


Net Volume



(Height) 15.75" x (Width) 35.375" x (Depth) 16.5"

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