Car Speaker Enclosure – Pair – 6 1/2″

Item No.: SXSE-014
Speaker Enclosure – Pair – 6 1/2″
MDF Construction with 0.625 Thickness
Miter & Dado Construction with Premium Carpeted Finish
Spring loaded large terminal cup with wire
Gross Cu. Ft. 0.20 Speaker hole cutout 5.12″
(W) 9.75″ x (H) 8.25″ x (D) 7.00 MOUNTING DEPTH 6.00″

To enjoy the best bass sounds with your music, you should consider adding these frostbite subwoofer enclosures to the sound system in your car. They are excellent and have versatile features you will like.


With this Camaro subwoofer box, you do not have to worry about those bumpy noises because the design for this SPL subwoofer enclosure model is adequately balanced. All you need to do is place the box on a flat surface. It is a perfect hatchback speaker box.

Tightly Sealed Enclosure

The 21 subwoofer enclosure will not allow your desired bass sounds to escape because it is completely sealed. This guarantees that you will get the most value for your money. The sealed enclosure also prevents moisture from getting in, which means your subwoofers will last long.

Charcoal Carpeted Exterior Design

The 2 8 in sub box and other models all have a beautiful finishing that is best for car interiors because it is charcoal black. The finishing is beautiful, so if you are interested in getting a good-looking 8 in the sub box, this is your best choice.

Neat Speaker Cutouts

The cutout holes in these car audio subwoofer enclosure models are perfect. The hole measures about 5. 1 inch, which is enough to accommodate different subwoofer speakers. The neat cutout design also provides the best speaker support to prevent them from wobbling after installation.

Impressive Mounting Depth

You can use these sub boxes for a wide range of activities because they have an impressive mounting depth of 6 inches.

High-quality Terminal Cups

The Camaro subwoofer box comes with a guarantee that the terminals are of the best quality. The terminals will hold audio cables securely. They are also spring-loaded.

Bulk Orders Available

You can send your inquiries and bulk order requests by completing the customer contact form below. The lead time for these products is short, and shipping is fast.

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