Bluetooth MP3 Player for Car, + FM Transmitter, + Car charger (Wireless Car Kit)

Spiritcar, a wholesale consumer car audio and auto electronics products manufacturer, offers a versatile bluetooth MP3 player for car that combines FM transmitter and car charger in one wireless car kit.

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This bluetooth MP3 player for car operates at working voltage of 5V +/-0.5, working current of 45mA MAX, and standby current of 25mA MAX. Its wireless version of V3.0+EDR class 2 runs at a frequency of 2.402-2.480HZ, with a sensitivity of -42dB +/13dB 360 round and a sensitivity of -92dBm. Additionally, it has RF output of 4dBm and supports a working distance of 5M, making it the perfect option for drivers that want dependable and excellent audio performance.

The product includes a built-in charger that can output 1000mA of output current at 5V +/- 0.25 using an input voltage of 12-26V. (MAX). And it also has a 2.4 to 3A short circuit protection current, making it a safe and dependable option for in-car portable device charging.

Our bluetooth MP3 player for car has a built-in microphone that facilitates wireless hands-free phone calling, CVC technology that reduces wind and noise, and full duplex sound quality. Music can be played directly when a mobile phone is linked to the device because it supports A2DP.

Moreover, when turned on, the bluetooth MP3 player for car can instantly connect with a mobile device and supports an external TF card to play MP3/WMA audio files.

Car bluetooth MP3 player, + FM Transmitter, + Car charger (Wireless Car Kit)
Production specification:
1. Wireless version: V3.0+EDR class 2
2. Frequency: 2.402~2.480HZ
3. Sensitivity: -42dB +/13dB 360round
4. Working voltage: 5V +/-0.5
5. Working current: 45mA MAX
6. Standby current: 25mA MAX
7. Effective distance: 5M
8. Sensitivity: -92dBm
9. RF Output: 4dBm
10. Car charger input voltage: 12-26V
11. Output voltage: 5V +/-0.25
12. Output current: 1000mA (MAX)
13. Short circuit protection current: 2.4-3A
Product instruction:
1. Support wireless hands-free phone calling via its built-in microphone.
2. Noise and wind suppressed by CVC technology to create full duplex sound quality.
3. Support mobile’s A2DP function. Music will be played directly while the mobile phone is connected.
4. Mobile phone can be connected automaticaly when the device turns on.
Support an external TF card, can play music files in MP3/WMA format.
5. Integrated car charger of output 5V – 1000mA, is available for charging handheld devices in car.

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