Car Audio Cable 4 American Wire Gauge Amp Kit

3500 Watts Maximum Power Handling

Item no:SXAK-007
Item Features:
 4 American Wire Gauge Amp Kit
3500 Watts Maximum Power Handling
True American Wire Gauge standard (AWG)
SuperFlex Ultra Heat Resistant Wire Jacket
Premium Heat Durability In-Line ANL Fuse Holder
Number of Braided Strands: 7
Number of Strands per Braided Strands: 120
Number of Strands per Cable: 840
Outside Cable Diameter: 10.02mm
Item Specifications:
18 Ft.- 4 Gauge SuperFlex Red Power Wire
3 Ft.- 4 Gauge SuperFlex Black Ground Wire
18 Ft.- 14 Gauge Clear SuperFlex Speaker Wire
18 Ft.- 18 Gauge Blue Remote Turn-On Wire
18 Ft.- Black/Smoke Triple Shielded RCA Cable
4 Gauge Black Wire Loom
Heat Tested, Water Resistant InLine ANL Fuse Holder
150 Amp ANL Fuse
Connecting Terminals/ Wire Ties

You only need the best car audio cable to enjoy the quality sounds from your speakers. These products are always top on the recommendation list. They are top grade and highly recommended by many experts in the car audio installation field.

The features make the cables stand out, and they are among the best sellers compared to similar products.

Car Audio Wire Versatile Specifications

These products always sell out because they can be used widely when installing different car audio systems. The versatile features also make it easy to use the wires for installations.


The car audio cable is designed with up to seven braided strands. It has rigid insulation that protects the conductor inside. The wire is designed to withstand heat, perfect for heavy-duty cars often used for many hours every day. This is another reason why it is a durable wire and also affordable.

Suitable for Fuse Holders

The durable features that make the wires heat resistant also make them an excellent choice to connect fuses in a car audio system. Also, the color-coded design makes it possible to complete connections efficiently. When you use them for projects, you will find it easy to identify the black, red, or blue wires.

Shielded Car Audio Wire

The outer shielding features rigid PVC, which also makes the product water-resistant. It has a triple shield that will give you peace of mind when using the cable to connect different high-powered sub-woofers or amplifiers.

4 Guage Loom

It also features a convenient loom design that allows you to leverage all the benefits of using the wire while maintaining a neat job.

Fast Shipping

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