70-1817 Car Radio Wiring Harness for Chrysler / Jeep 1984-2006 Harness

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Item No.: SXWH-4008
70-1817 Radio Wiring Harness For Chrysler / Jeep 1984-2006 Harness
Plugs into car harness
Power/4 Speaker
Two 8 Pin connectors
Excellent flexibility, power handling, and higher heat resistance
7″ in length
For 1984+ Chrysler models

We have the best offers for 16 pin connector car stereo and the 12 pin car stereo connector models. The customer reviews for these products show that they work excellently. Also, these are bestsellers, which makes them the top choice for buyers who need to order in bulk.

They sell out because of the following features:

Retain Factory Functions

The factory amp bypass harness lasts for years without losing its functions because of the excellent manufacturing methods. These products fit perfectly into stereo wiring kit brands, so they are suitable for technicians who have much work in different locations.

Adhering to standard manufacturing methods has significantly enhanced the product’s functions.

Impressive Output

The aftermarket radio harness adapter and radio wire harness connectors are the top choices for accessories. They make the output from the car audio system always impressive. The top performance of these accessories can be attributed to the high-quality stereo connector adapter with its solid plastic mold.

Best Designs

The factory replacement wiring harness with an OEM radio plug is an excellent combo. It has generalized features that allow technicians to use them for different projects. They support the overall functions of the car radio wiring harness and the head unit adapter harness.

Easy to Use

Using the 16 pin car stereo connector is convenient. With one piece of accessory, technicians can connect multiple units in the car audio system. The product also comes highly recommended because it is flexible and lasts long.

Customizable Options

The products can be remodeled to fit the buyer’s needs based on order specifications. The ability to customize these products makes them more desirable among buyers who need to have authentic products.

Place Bulk orders

Ordering batches of these radio wire connectors and other accessories is easy. Fill out the customer contact form below to get started.

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