2 Gauge OFC Wire 4 American Wire Gauge Amp Kit

3500 Watts Maximum Power Handling

Item no:SXAK-005
Item Features:
4 American Wire Gauge Amp Kit
3500 Watts Maximum Power Handling
True American Wire Gauge standard (AWG)
SuperFlex Ultra Heat Resistant Wire Jacket
Premium Heat Durability In-Line ANL Fuse Holder
Number of Braided Strands: 7
Number of Strands per Braided Strands: 120
Number of Strands per Cable: 840
Outside Cable Diameter: 10.02mm
Item Specifications:
18 Ft.- 4 Gauge SuperFlex Blue Power Wire
3 Ft.- 4 Gauge SuperFlex Black Ground Wire
18 Ft.- 14 Gauge Clear SuperFlex Speaker Wire
18 Ft.- 18 Gauge Blue Remote Turn-On Wire
18 Ft.- Black/Smoke Triple Shielded RCA Cable
4 Gauge Black Wire Loom
Heat Tested, Water Resistant InLine ANL Fuse Holder
150 Amp ANL Fuse
Connecting Terminals/ Wire Ties

If you need reliable 2 gauge ofc wire products that will last for a long time, these come highly recommended. You can also find combinations for more significant projects, including the 4mm automotive cable or 5 mm auto cable. It is smarter to order these wires in bulk to save cost.

The products stand out because the best manufacturers make them while adhering to world-class standards for quality and excellence.

Heat Resistant 2 Gauge OFC Wire

The first feature to check when buying cables is their capacity to withstand high temperatures. These ofc wires are designed to work effectively in hot conditions. This is an excellent way to know whether the product is worth your money.

Stranded Wires

Whether you are buying the 3mm auto cable or other variants such as the 5mm auto cable, you can rest assured because they all come stranded. This design boosts conductivity and helps the product perform at an optimal level.

Convenient Cable Diameter

You should be looking for a 2 gauge ofc wire with a diameter of 10 nm or slightly higher. These are the best wires with such a diameter. And, because the manufacturers use special tools to produce them, you can be sure that the diameter is consistent all through the wire’s length.

Flexible Features

Since you may need to twist and turn the wires often during installation projects, you need a product that can retain its quality. The copper in it can be bent as you desire without destroying the wire. This is why we recommend these products.

Order in Bulk

Never run out of stock because these products are always in demand. We have a convenient lead time of three weeks or less, depending on your order. Scroll down to view and complete the customer contact form. We will send you a message to complete your order.

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