16 Sony Car 16 Pin ISO Stereo Connector

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Sony 16Pin-ISO
Minimum order quantity: 300pcs
Unit packing: polybag or blister

The Most Acceptable Car Stereo Connector

A car stereo connector is a pin connector that helps you connect an aftermarket head unit to your vehicle and other car stereo devices quickly and easily. It’s also known as the AUX, AV, or RCA port.

It attaches the aftermarket car stereo equipment to the vehicle’s factory harness and sends power to the car audio once the ignition is turned on. Many of us have this audio connector in our cars.

The cables in 16-pin stereo connectors are unified and structured inside an enclosed material to transmit signals. These signals make the stereo function correctly and allow for a very simplified installation process.

Modern Design

The 16-pin stereo connector can be used as a listening and communication device. They’re designed with modern technology to ensure that the signal quality stays at its best, giving you high gratification for your purchase. The color-coded wiring gives it a contemporary feel and aids in fast and easy installation. And a chance to enjoy your car stereo’s functions thoroughly.


The product is made with high-quality, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, light, and reliable materials. They are made as plug-and-play devices for easy installation. The 16-pin wiring harness, when installed correctly, can last very long.

Easy to Install

This product comes with all the necessary tools for installation. You don’t need any special skills or expert advice to get started.

It can easily be attached to the factory-fitted car radio. You will not need to cut off already existing factory-fitted wires. The color-coded cables make it easy to obey instructions written on the manuals for an easy setup guide, and you will be done in no time.

The 16-pin car stereo connector is designed as a plug-and-play instrument. It is a good product for speakers and other equipment.

Order and Delivery

We delight in manufacturing quality products wholesale and are open to receiving worldwide orders. We have excellent shipping services, and our package and international delivery services are exceptional.

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