ISO-ISO 16 Pin Wiring Harness

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Item No.: SXWH-3129
Minimum order quantity: 300pcs
Unit packing: polybag or blister

Easy to use Wiring Harness

Our 16-pin wiring harness is protected by an encasement that effectively connects devices to a power source. The wire harness is a safe way to connect various electronic equipment to compatible vehicles and acts as a link connector port.

The 16-pin wire harness is a must-have aftermarket stereo harness suitable for most devices. It has a waterproof connector that keeps it organized. It can be used in automobiles, airplanes, boats, and other appliances.


The 16-pin universal harness is a product that makes it easier to connect a car radio to various cars. The product can also link any android device with 16 pins to your vehicle. The wire harness has been color-coded for effortless matching during installation. So, users can enjoy a hassle-free setup without the help of a technician.

Modern Design

It will help if you are looking for a wire harness designed adequately without any special connectors to avoid electrical accidents. Our products are made from high-quality and robust materials that guarantee extended usage. This makes it safe and easy to use.

Easy Plug in

Before purchasing a wire harness, the buyer must take note of the type of connector and components for their safety. The 16-pin wire harness is designed as a plug-and-play accessory, making it easy to install and ensuring the user’s safety.


Several components of the 16-pin wire harness include outer coverings, cables, wires, auxiliary connectors, and fuses. These all contribute to the wiring harness’s effectiveness and allow a successful vehicle connection.

The audio car stereo radio wire harness plug carries an electrical current to power a device. The cables need to have the capacity to maintain the required voltage necessary. We designed our 16-pin wire harness to prevent power surges that can damage your devices. It is designed in several colors, each having a unique function.

Bulk Purchase

We accept bulk orders and can customize your order according to your preference. Our electrical products come with a warranty and guarantee prompt delivery worldwide.

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