0 Gauge OFC Complete Amplifier Wire Install Kit

Item no: SXAK-003
Product Features:
 0 Gauge Complete Amplifier Install Kit – 5000 Watts Peak Power Rating
SuperFlex Ultra Heat Resistant Wire Jacket
Premium Heat Durability In-Line ANL Fuse Holder
Twisted Pair RCA Interconnect Cable
Premium Grade Cables
What’s Included:
SuperFlex 0 Gauge Red  CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) Power Wire: 18 Feet
SuperFlex 0 Gauge Black  CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) Ground Wire: 3 Feet
SuperFlex Twisted Pair RCA Cable: 18 Feet
14 Gauge Clear Speaker Wire: 17 Feet
18 Gauge Blue Remote Wire: 18 Feet
Protective Black Wire Loom
Inline ANL Fuse Holder
200 Amp ANL Fuse
Installation Accessories/ Connectors
Terminals, Wire Ties and Wire Loom Included

You will find different lengths of this product in a standard 0 gauge ofc wire kit because they are the best materials to work with. These wires come in handy when you need to do a perfect job installing a car stereo or other related sound connection jobs.

Demand for these products is rising because they have features such as:

High-quality Copper 0 Gauge Speaker Wire

These are among the few brands that feature copper without any additives. The exclusivity has made the product stand out in the market. If you need only copper for the job, this is your top choice.

Excellent Conductivity

The experts recommend the 0 gauge speaker wire every time because it is best for all types of car audio systems. The outstanding conductivity ensures you get the best sounds without compromise. And since the material in the ofc 0 gauge is copper, the product makes it possible to get more value from your car radio and audio systems.

Best for Upgrades

Another reason why the experts recommend using the ofc 0 gauge speaker wire is because you can easily use them for upgrades to observe a remarkable difference in the sound quality. However, several tests have also shown that the cables boost audio output significantly when used for any car audio system, whether it is an expensive or cheaper alternative.

Suitable for High Voltage

Car audio systems that require high voltage need these ofc 0 gauge wires. They are designed to handle high voltage without wilting or losing connection. Also, since the wire is less prone to corrosion because it is pure copper, the amount of voltage passing through cannot leak, boosting output quality.

Order in Bulk

The demand for these products is fantastic. Place a bulk order to get yours. You only have to fill out the online customer contact form.

Although OFC is the best material, we also have CCA for customers on a tight budget. We manufacture these wires in different categories to suit the customers’ requirements, such as 100% OFC, 30% OFC, 70% CCA, 50% each, or 100% CCA.

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