Adaptateur de faisceau de câblage d'autoradio pour faisceau GM 88-05

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Item No.: SXWH-4005
Adaptateur de faisceau de câblage d'autoradio pour faisceau GM 88-05
Se branche sur le harnais de la voiture
Alimentation/4 haut-parleurs
21-Pin plug.5 inches long
Used for Installing an Aftermarket Receiver to factory plug
Permet l'installation d'une radio de rechange en utilisant le câblage et les connecteurs d'usine existants
For 1988+ GM models

When buying a car stereo connector kit, you need to ensure some features are present. This is the best way to get more value after purchasing the car radio wiring kit. We sell the best, so you have peace of mind when you buy from us.

The car stereo wire connectors have different variants making them unique in the market. Here are the best features:

Easy Installation

A proficient technician can quickly install the aftermarket stereo harness in a few minutes, regardless of the connections needed. Also, when getting a car stereo installation kit wiring harness, look for those with the number of pins required.

We sell the popular 12 pin radio harness that can deliver quality output consistently.

Safe Installation

There are no risks when the stereo connector works perfectly. Technicians can easily do quick checks after using the car radio wiring kit to ensure no leaks can happen.

Also, since the car stereo wire connectors are high-quality, there is a guarantee they will last for a long time.

Saves Time

Using options like the 20 pin stereo connector makes the job easier. The technician can complete connections for car audio projects in a few minutes, saving time. Also, the double din wiring harness enhances the connection process, allowing technicians to do more work in a short time. Since it involves plugging connectors firmly, it is advisable to have a second look at the connections before sealing the system.

Lightweight Stereo Connector

Almost all the components in the car radio wiring kit are lightweight. They can easily twist, bend, and connect any double din wiring harness when needed. This is best because it enhances the technician’s ability to work more effectively.

Best Investment

Secure bulk orders for the car stereo connector kit and other products in a straightforward step. Complete the customer contact form and submit it. We will respond with the information you need to complete your bulk order.

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