iPad-Autohalterung, schwarz

Expand your wholesale offerings with Spiritcar’s mobile phone car mount holder, a versatile and adaptable solution for you. This iPad car holder is designed for effortless installation and release on various handles, including bicycles, motorcycles, and running machines.


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Featuring an array of rotation options, this iPad car holder can be positioned horizontally, kept upright, or adjusted to any angle in between, ensuring you enjoy an optimal viewing experience tailored to your preferences.

Designed for compatibility with most tablet PCs and other smart devices, the mount holder addresses the diverse needs of drivers, making it an indispensable accessory for a broad range of consumers.

Besides, our versatile iPad car holder is perfect for vehicles and suitable for various scenarios, making it an essential addition to your wholesale inventory.

Thus, by providing drivers with a practical, user-friendly solution that enhances their experience across different settings, you’ll elevate your wholesale offerings and cater to the diverse needs of your clientele.


* Einfach zu installieren und vom Fahrrad, Motorrad, Laufbandgriff usw. zu lösen.

* Unterschiedliche Rotationsunterstützung, kann horizontal platziert werden, aufrecht bleiben und den Winkel frei einstellen.

* Es ist für die meisten Tablet-PCs und andere intelligente Geräte geeignet.

* Einsatzbereich: Laufband, Fahrrad, Motorrad usw.

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