Roadside Emergency Kit With Air Compressor



item no.: SPC-EKT1540
specification: 34pcs roadside car emergency kit
product details: 1pc tool bag, 1C LOGO 2 sides printing
1pair working cotton gloves with rubber dimples
1pc booster cable, 200AMP, RoHS
10pcs car fuses
1pc Electric test pen, CE
1pc flashlight, hand dynamo
1pc tire pressure guage, 10-50psi-bar-kpa-kg/cm2
1pc tow rope, 2T, 3Mt., high-tenacity fibre
1pc safety vest, EN471
1set screwdriver & bits kit
1pc PVC insulating tape 10Mt
1bag first aid kit (1pc cravat, 1bag sterilized gauze, 2pcs disinfecting wipes,
1roll surgical adhesive, 5pcs band,  1pc forceps)
1pc reflective warning triangle, E-mark (E27)
1pc air compressor, CE

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