Why to Choose a Universal USB Car Charger?

If you drive a lot and use your phone, tablet or other electronic devices, keeping a universal usb car charger is the smartest move. How to choose a suitable universal usb car charger?

1. Depending on your electronic device usage, if you only use your mobile phone frequently, you only need a simple car USB charger with a current output of 1A.

2. If you use both your mobile phone and Pad frequently, and often need to charge both at the same time, it is necessary to choose a car USB charger with high current. We usually recommend 3.4a or 4.8a.

3. If you are a quick-tempered person and you want your phone to be able to charge quickly, adapter quick charge 3.0 is needed.

The following models are recommended for consumers’ reference:

car charge with cable 2 USB ports car usb charger 3.0 quick charger

a. Car charge with cable and 2 USB port to other devices use.

b. 2 USB car charger can be tablet usb charger. These 2 USB ports, one is 1.0A , and the other is 2.4A, can charge both mobile phone and pad.

C. The car usb charger with digital screen display, which can show voltage , and current, let consumers power charge devices more safety and comfortable, it is also 3.0 quick charge.

If you need any suggestion of car usb charger and tablet usb charger, or devices usb car charger, just contact us, we will make more suggestion and introduction.

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